Cloris/Han Dong 董涵

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Chén / We Wouldn't Fade Away
Spin / Lotus

Cloris/Han Dong

b. 2001.📍Nanjing, China. Lives in New York.

Cloris/Han Dong focuses on the reconstruction of perception and identity in the digital age. Her practice spans CGI animations, web-based coding art, fictional writings, and installations.

Her work challenges the linear perception of time and the three-dimensional organization of space in planes, reorienting our perceptions of ourselves and our environments. Adopting a post-human lens, she experiments with multiple mediums and creates new de-human-centered meta-narratives.

Positing that humans as a species should be treated as a united group while highlighting the closeness between humans, the digital, and other non-human beings, she weaves narratives and experiences that reshape perceptions and understandings of the world we live in.

Her work exposes the nature of identity as a human construct and redefines it as a concept that is not categorical and essentializing but plural and performative. The ultimate purpose of her work is to encourage new coalitions between identity groups that are driven by shared concerns and strategies rather than being categorized by fixed attributes.

She is currently a MFA candidate at Columbia School of the Arts.

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